Mr Slotty

Mr Slotty is one of the best Bitcoin slots makers that you will find in the market. The slots from MrSlotty come in stunning HD goodness. Apart from graphics, there are many reasons why players are flocking towards the company’s slots. Some of these reasons include accessibility and themes of the games.

Technical specs

Mr Slotty games come in high-definition graphics. Your eyes are in for a feast of highly detailed artwork and vibrant colors. The team behind the popular online slots places a significant amount of care on the background and design of the reels. To fully showcase the background, the team designs the reels that fully show the back of the reels.

While the slots come in amazing HD graphics, the games are actually light in terms of file size. The average size of a game is 3.2mb which is incredibly small in today’s terms. Most players can easily get the games running on the most basic internet speed.

Mr Slotty games are in native HTML5 format. This makes the games playable on almost any browser. Players can open the game on a desktop computer or on a smartphone. The low file sizes of the games make the games even more accessible.

All of the Mr Slotty games support any languages. It also supports different currencies and digital currencies as well. This can open the doors of a casino to many parts of the globe.

Interesting MrSlotty games

While Mr Slotty games look amazing and load faster on many connections, what really brings in players is the games itself. The company has an incredible array of amazing looking Bitcoin slots such as the Super Dragons Fire and Zeus the Thunderer slots. There are also erotic slots like Honey 22 and Cleopatra.

The team behind these games is also familiar with today’s internet culture. There is Emoji slot which is about the popular icons that you use in chats or messengers to express what you feel to another person. There is also the No More Fruits game, which is a pun to every single slot game that uses cherries and other fruits for its symbols. In this game, the symbols are all vegetables and the background has many familiar meme faces.

Speaking of memes, the company also has Panda Meme and Troll Faces that has memes as its theme. Adding Mr Slotty games to any Bitcoin casino is sure to grab the attention of players who want something different in a slot game.