Habanero has an incredible library of attractive games that will get players to sign up. This is due to the company being one of the best Bitcoin slots makers in the market.

Habanero’s team is focused on only a few things in the game. Make the games fun to play and have it accessible to many players around the globe.

Variety of online slot games

The team behind Habanero does not use a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to making games. In other words, the team does not use the same mechanics, features or graphics on most of its games. The company makes sure the all of its games has its own unique feature or artwork that makes it stand out from the rest.

Habanero has many of the best looking Bitcoin video slots in the industry. One of which is Oceans Call slot. The art on the background, symbols, as well as the reels itself, can make some of the players want to turn a screenshot into a wallpaper. This is due to the amazing amount of details on the artwork and its use of the vibrant colors. Over time, the company’s talent in creating the aesthetic of its games keeps on improving. In Koi Gate slot, the animation of the koi expanding wild symbol is incredibly fluid and pleasing to the eyes.

When it comes to graphics, Habanero also knows how to make the best 3D slots as well. Gangsters slot and Sparta slot are good showcases of the team’s talent in making 3D slots. The games show players a rich array of 3D animation when making a match with the symbols.

Robust Habanero slot specs

All the slot games run on native HTML5. This makes the game work on almost every browser on any system. Anyone can play slots using a computer or a smartphone. The Habanero slots in your casino will work seamlessly with most of your player’s devices.

Another benefit of the slot games made using HTML5 means that players can have more than one game open at the same time. This allows players to try out other slot games while they still have their favorite game open. There are no limitations that will bring down the gaming experience online.

Apart from having the games work on mobile and desktop computers, the slots support any language. It also supports any currency and cryptocurrency as well. This fact welcomes players from across the globe to try and give the Habanero games a spin.